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White gold whitening serum (30 ml)

Whitening the skin
As a natural reaction to UVs, the skin produces melanin which is responsible for tanning. To reduce the melanin production, Dorena has developed a treatment with creamy texture composed of actives able to inhibit the tyrosinase. Indeed, the tyrosinase is the activator of melanin production on the melanocytes. Thus, the complexion is even unified, clear and bright.

Wakame and alpin plants for an e ective action
The wakame complex is extracted from the brown seaweed Undaria Pinnatifida. Rich in amino acids, the wakame complex has demonstrated its power to inhibit melanin production better than arbutin and safer than kojic acid. Moreover, to strengthen the efficacy of the treatment, Dorena has selected the 7 more efficient Alpin plants to stop melanin production. As a result, this complete serum reduces skin color, age spot color as well as intensity and improves the skin brightness.

Directions for use: Face has to be cleansed before the use of this serum. Apply in the morning and evening a small amount onto your face skin with circular motions which helps the ingredients to penetrate.

Main active ingredients:
White gold
Wakame Alpin plants